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MK3S+ Fiberlogy ASA bad prints  

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MK3S+ Fiberlogy ASA bad prints


I've been using ASA filament for a long time, though somehow when I got the MK3S+ printer the prints with angled walls seem to be printed in really bad quality (earlier used creality ender 6 for ASA). The printer is in an enclosure and aswell I have adjusted the belt tensions, change in temperature doesn't really help much but has a slight change. Maybe someone had a similar issue with ASA and could direct me to how I could fix this issue?

Posted : 30/01/2023 10:01 am
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RE: MK3S+ Fiberlogy ASA bad prints

No idea how big this part is ...

But anyway, that is a huge waste of support material.

I would try to print it standing upright, the angled face placed on the buildplate and use a brim for stability.  

Posted : 30/01/2023 12:27 pm