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Horizontal bands at hole feature height  

Tobias Ullrich
New Member
Horizontal bands at hole feature height


I'm printing a thin-walled object and have these horizontal bands(more glossy surfaces). The issue is repeatable on different printers but always with ASA.

Most notably is the fact that the bands happen on the layers of holes features on the other side of the shell piece, but they continue through the entire layers

I'm using a 0.8mm Bondtech CHT nozzle on the MK3s and thus tuned my own profile. This is the 3mf file of this part, there is also another small part on the plate here but the issue is independent of it. The shell is designed so that is printed with one outside perimeter and one inside perimeter line using gap fill with the same extrusion width as the outer perimeter, I use the recommended thin wall thickness from Prusa slicer

What I tried:

  • Slowing down the print a lot
  • playing with the temperature range of the filament
  • change cooling parameters

What I have not tried but don't think would make a difference:

  • Use a different ASA filament, I'm currently using Spectrum ASA 275
  • using different layer height
  • using a different Nozzle

Thank you very much in advance, I have had this issue as well on other thin-walled object and always at the height of holes or other design features, but the unifying aspect is that if a continues shell perimeter is broken this seems to happen

Posted : 19/05/2022 7:43 am