PrusaSlicer settings for AllPHA?
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PrusaSlicer settings for AllPHA?  

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PrusaSlicer settings for AllPHA?


Does anyone have pretested settings for PrusaSlicer to use in an MK4 IS with a 0.6mm nozzle? The colorFabb printing specifications are somewhat difficult for me to convert into PrusaSlicer settings, especially since they predate the IS firmware, which affected temperatures and speeds immensely.

Posted : 05/01/2024 2:31 pm
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RE: PrusaSlicer settings for AllPHA?

i used the ColorFab pla-pha profile as a base and just changed the bed temp to 0
this means nozzle temp first layer 215 and other layers 210

and that's all.
i have a mk3.9 with mmu3 and i used the satin sheet and printed with a brim.

the benchy i printed looked fine, haven't tried much else

Posted : 25/05/2024 7:32 pm