Prusaslicer "Send to" Connect printer
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Prusaslicer "Send to" Connect printer  

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Prusaslicer "Send to" Connect printer


Maybe its just me doing it wrong, but my prusaslicer is set up with physical machines and connect link. This makes it easy to send sliced files to connect, and the machine. 

However, could it be a button where you in prusaslicer selects just a regular profile for MK4 and then when sliced push "send to connect" and a popup could ask which of connected printers you would send the file to, and if print now, que or just upload to printer?

I sometimes wonder if i get changes made in printer profiles when i have custom machines and profiles. And some updates in profiles i would like to have, without having to delete my physical printer setup, just to make it again.

Posted : 11/04/2024 3:39 pm
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RE: Prusaslicer "Send to" Connect printer

At this point there's really no easy way to do that. The whole physical printer setup the way it's done now is maybe not broken but should be seriously rethought and streamlined. 

As you suggested I should be able to pick a printer profile and slice, and then when I select "send to printer" choose one or more physical printers (that are compatible with the chosen profile) to send it to. 

Posted : 11/04/2024 6:05 pm