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Pressure advance code not working  

MK Ultra
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Pressure advance code not working

I recently started using the input shaper settings for prusa XL, in the speed setting, i realized that my model, especially at the edges has this "scarring" around tight corners. I realized this is because the PA is not set properly i assume. I created a PA calibration from . after adding this function into the custom G-code part of the filament settings in prusa slicer

{if nozzle_diameter[filament_extruder_id]==0.4} M572 S0.02 ; Set Pressure Advance to 0.02{endif}

I experienced no difference. Where do i go to properly input the PA number for the prusa XL? 

Posted : 23/06/2024 3:17 pm
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RE: Pressure advance code not working

Just have to change the single number here:


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Posted : 24/06/2024 3:54 am