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64Gb Lexar USB Stick Causing Watchdog Reset?  

Myles Keller
64Gb Lexar USB Stick Causing Watchdog Reset?


I just purchased a Lexar 64Gb S47 USB Drive so it didn't stick out of the side of the LCD bezel as much. After verifying that it was formatted in FAT32, I deleted all of the files that came on it and duplicated everything from the provided Prusa USB stick over to it. 

Upon plugging it in and clicking Print, it freezes for a moment, then opens the drive as if it is empty. After attempting a reboot, it does a watchdog reset for "task:IDLE?" and will not successfully boot until I remove the drive.
I have been using the printer up to this point with the provided Prusa USB stick without issues. I saw this article from Prusa that there would be issues if it weren't formatted in FAT32, but that does not appear to be the case. Can anyone provide insight into the cause of this?

Posted : 24/06/2024 2:28 pm
RE: 64Gb Lexar USB Stick Causing Watchdog Reset?

I have the same crash when using the encrypted drive at my office. Interesting that the watchdog also has the same byte pattern (a5a5a5a5 repeated).

The drive is 64GB native, but is currently partitioned to 4GB Fat32.

Since this is the only flashdrive I'm allowed to use, not sure how to work around this issue.

Posted : 11/07/2024 3:08 pm