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Prusa XL from 1.6.2024  

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Prusa XL from 1.6.2024

Hi guys,
I get my Prusa XL 5 Toolhead  - today.
Also I make a order for the enclosure.

The enclosure will be delivered in the next few days.
I read through the instructions beforehand. And if I understand correctly, I don't have to replace any parts in PCCF - right?
If I understand correctly that all XL from June 01 have all PCCF parts already installed.
See link:

Best regards


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Posted : 17/06/2024 5:16 pm
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The text specifically says Single-Tool, so I would assume that on 5 Tool would still need to upgrade the parts. Might be a typo though...
Support should be able to confirm this based on your units serial number.

Posted : 17/06/2024 10:21 pm
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RE: Prusa XL from 1.6.2024

I got my XL5T in May and it did not have the PCCF parts.  I found this out when I added a 3rd party enclosure and all my extruders died due to the PETG parts warping.  I reprinted in ASA and it works great.

Posted : 18/06/2024 12:14 pm