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SL1 Calibration  

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SL1 Calibration

I built my SL1 kit 2 weeks ago.  I've tried 2 prints and both failed.  In both cases, the plastic stuck to the FEP film even though it was perfectly clean and clear.  So no part was actually printed.

I just went through calibration multiple times.  Each time that it comes the the step where I have to raise/lower the tilt bed (with the resin tank at 90 degrees), the bed is always low.  Also when calibration is complete and I exit the step, the tilt bed lowers (by the same amount that I had to raise it in the calibration step).

Is this normal, or if I run calibration 2 times in a row, should the second time NOT require any input to raise/lower the bed?

Thanks, Mike

Posted : 30/01/2020 11:49 pm