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Revo 6 not reaching PLA temps  

Revo 6 not reaching PLA temps

I have purchased a used MK3.5s+ with a Revo 6 Rapid Change hot end. I am running 3.11.0 firmware and am aware of the issues with the Revo and newer firmware. 

In the process of running print tests I began to see erratic temperature fluctuations on Octoprint. Soon after that I was loading filament and was not able to get the PLA loaded because the pre-heat will not get the nozzle temp above 190 sometimes 200. 

Based on reading and searches I am suspecting the thermistor. 

1. Is my suspicion reasonable?

2. Can I test the thermistor?

3. Can the thermistor on a Revo 6 be replaced?

4. Can I use the Prusa thermistor on the Revo 6?

Thanks for your advice! 

Posted : 10/12/2023 3:13 pm
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RE: Revo 6 not reaching PLA temps

the REvo thermistor is an integral part of the revo ceramic heater.

I suggest you reach out to, and ask for help.


regards Joan


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Posted : 10/12/2023 3:20 pm
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RE: Revo 6 not reaching PLA temps

Thank you. 

Posted : 10/12/2023 4:10 pm
RE: Revo 6 not reaching PLA temps

Agreed, the thermistor is integral so if it is not reading it, buy a new Revo heater core.  I'm running the Revo on my MK3.5 and it is working great.  Only issue (and Prusa acknowledged a fix in the next firmware) is that the Revo won't pass the initial extruder heater test but you can continue and still use the printer with the warning.  Works fine otherwise.

Posted : 10/02/2024 2:46 am