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M32 Command only works once.  

M32 Command only works once.

This is my first post so I apologize in advance. 

I've used the M32 gcode command successfully in the past to do repetitive/sequential printing by programming the machine to clear the printer bed between prints.

Since getting the MK3S+, M32 will work only once. The next time it reaches the command, it says that it can't call a sub file of a sub file. Basically, it used to just call a file and start it, and now the printer seems to think it's going down multiple levels. 

I had this working perfectly on an MK3, but for some reason (either hardware or firmware), I can't get this to work on my MK3S+. Any ideas? It might be worth noting that I am also running a MMU2.

Actual error: "Trying to call sub-gcode file with too many levels"

Posted : 17/10/2023 8:03 pm