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Live stream using Octoprint for students  

Caleb Wright
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Live stream using Octoprint for students

I run two makerspaces and am trying to find a way to use Octoprint to make a live stream of our 3D printers for students to view when they go to a certain website (Canvas). 

We are planning to have our 3D printers all hooked to RPis and connected to Octoprint and octolapse. I'll list the things I am trying to accomplish because you all are way more experienced with this than I am.

1. Let students view a set of live streams that each show a 3D printer working. I can host this through YouTube, Twitch, ETC and try to embed the player if I need to. 

2. Let students view and download a timelapse of their print. 

3. Get a dashboard that allows me to monitor all of the printers at once (aprox 6-10 printers at a time). 


Any ideas? 

Posted : 20/10/2022 8:44 pm
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RE: Live stream using Octoprint for students might do. You can use it to control and monitor multiple printers and you can share the webcam streams.

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Posted : 21/10/2022 10:02 am