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MK3S+ power supply budget (taking ~17W from it)  

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MK3S+ power supply budget (taking ~17W from it)

MK3S+ has 24V/10A power supply, so 240W.

Did anyone measure how much current is actually used in this printer?

On AC side it takes 120-150W in PLA printing but I don't know "max" conditions (for other materials, temperatures etc).


I would like to take ~12W for LED strips and ~5W for raspberry pi (with converter) from it and I wonder if it won't be too much for PSU?

(or if there are any other problems with such change)

Posted : 27/06/2022 5:13 pm
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RE: MK3S+ power supply budget (taking ~17W from it)

I've heard of people running lights, Pi, enclosure fans off of it with no issues.  Things like the MMU2S also takes a bit of a load.

Posted : 27/06/2022 10:32 pm