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Replacing nozzle.  

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Replacing nozzle.

Hi  all,

I removed my nozzle to clean it but it was damaged. So I ordered a new nozzle. Do I heat up and then place the nozzle or just place the nozzle and then heat for the final few twists  what is the best way to go?

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Heat then in

Posted : 31/01/2023 6:33 pm
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RE: Replacing nozzle.

Heat then in

Please help me out by downloading a model it's free and easy but really helps me out

Posted : 01/02/2023 2:01 am
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Pay particular attention to the diagrams at the bottom of this page:


Posted : 01/02/2023 5:03 am
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RE: Replacing nozzle.

Also, make sure to do a z-height adjustment. Just to be safe.


Posted : 01/02/2023 5:26 am
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RE: Replacing nozzle.

I really, really wish there where a knowledge base or something to look up things like that…

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Posted : 01/02/2023 1:07 pm
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