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New Nozzle When First Setting UP?  

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New Nozzle When First Setting UP?

Hello friends! New to 3 d printing and want to get right into some CF Nylon printing. Wondering if I should replace the nozzle as soon as I get my printer before doing the set up? Thanks!

Posted : 05/08/2022 7:07 pm
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RE: New Nozzle When First Setting UP?

I would VERY STRONGLY suggest that you first familiarize yourself with your new printer by operating it as it comes from the factory (or from your assembly), using test prints such as the tree frog and the Prusa logo and such, using everything stock, using the included filament, before you try anything different.

Get a good feel of how to operate the machine, how it behaves (how it misbehaves) and exactly what to expect.

There is quite the learning curve in 3d printing, and changing things right off can easily cause a stumble and fall when climbing said learning curve.

Posted : 06/08/2022 1:59 am
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The learning curve for a new user can be a steep one. Just peruse these forum pages, particularly where you posted this topic in the ‘Assembly & First Prints Troubleshooting’ section for a sample of the setup and tuning issues folks encounter.

If you change anything from stock and find you need Prusa Tech Support for any reason, they will have you put the machine back to it’s base, stock configuration before going further with your issue.

Just sayin’…

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Posted : 06/08/2022 4:30 am
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RE: New Nozzle When First Setting UP?


Printing advanced filaments, like CF-PA, isn't the best way to start your journey into 3Dland.  I'd stay with PLA and the unmodified stock printer, at least for a few months. Afterwards, knowing better,  you'll be able to decide which way to go.

Posted : 06/08/2022 7:05 am