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Filament trapped inside extruder PTFE tubing...  

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Filament trapped inside extruder PTFE tubing...

Good Evening! (Depending on where you live...)

I recently acquired the MMU2S, and it was functioning perfectly, until it kept complaining about a jam in the extruder assembly. Upon investigation, I noticed that there is a bit of filament trapped inside the PTFE tube between the gears and the nozzle. There isn't anything sticking out to grab onto, and the clog is high enough that an acupuncture needle couldn't reach anything when inserted through the nozzle. Is there anything else I should try before taking apart the extruder and ripping out the PTFE tubing?

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Posted : 26/11/2019 3:06 am
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RE: Filament trapped inside extruder PTFE tubing...

Only thing I have read is to use a hex key or similar, smaller than the tube bore, to push it in far enough to get new filament to feed.

No personal experience - yet.

Posted : 26/11/2019 5:49 am
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RE: Filament trapped inside extruder PTFE tubing...

If you can access the top of the extruder, heat the nozzle up to 285C, open the extruder door and use a 1.5mm rod (available at hobby shops) about 15cm long to push down through the top, past the Bondtech gears and into the PTFE tube. With any luck, you'll be able to simply push the stuck bit down far enough to extrude. A shorter length might suffice to get the stuck bit down far enough in the PTFE tube that you can simply push filament in behind it.

Alternately, you can remove the nozzle and press up from below. If the filament is really stuck, hold the wire in place and let it gradually heat up as you push up and you may be able to dislodge a stuck bit.

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Posted : 26/11/2019 5:55 am