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Upgrading a MK2.5S+ with EinsyRambo Board?  

Upgrading a MK2.5S+ with EinsyRambo Board?

I currently have an MK2.5 that has been upgraded to a "MK2.5S+" using this guide:

So, I have the updated Pinda 2 probe and steel sheet bed, etc.

However, due to recent problems I've been having with heatbed/PSU connector melting issues, I am considering replacing the mainboard.  It looks like a new EinsyRambo is about the same price as a replacement for my current MiniRambo 1.3a.

How feasible is it to upgrade to the EinsyRambo?  From what I've read so far, it seems like I would just need a new 24V PSU, and part cooling fan.  If I did this, would I then be able to run MK3 firmware?  Are there any upgrade guides out there that would might be helpful?  What would be the minimum I would need to just get it functioning with the new board?


Posted : 07/05/2023 2:00 am
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RE: Upgrading a MK2.5S+ with EinsyRambo Board?

you would need a lot more... 
24v heat bed, mk3 Y platform (heat bed mountings are different between 12 volt and 24 volt heatbed), 24 volt heater for the hot end, revised Z brackets to restore the increased Z height.  sort out Y motor direction, the Mk2 frame has the motor on the opposite side of the belt drive compared to the Mk3 frame, so the Y  axis would go backwards
new Y Belt fixture to match the New Y Platform

regards Joan

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Posted : 07/05/2023 7:21 am
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RE: Upgrading a MK2.5S+ with EinsyRambo Board?

Hi Joan,

Thanks for the reply.  After some more searching, this is basically what I am looking to do:

However, since it does require some firmware tweaks, I'm probably just going to stick with the MiniRambo.

Thank you.

Posted : 07/05/2023 3:16 pm