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Clicking sound when feed up line.  

Clicking sound when feed up line.

I have Prusa MK2.5S. When I feed in the line I have clicking noise from the Drive Gear, the tension bolt is all way in. It doesn't feed line in to extruder properly and lead in to skipped line on the print. Please advise. Thank you 

Posted : 28/07/2023 6:18 pm
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RE: Clicking sound when feed up line.

This is a fairly old post so I doubt MikeS is reviewing it, but I'll address it anyway just in case anybody else needs help with a similar problem.

Having the tension on your filament gears too high is just as great a problem as too low.  Considering the Mike has his tensioners in all the way suggests to me that his tension was too high to start with and his solution was to tighten it and make it worse.  Assuming you did the extruder upgrade when you assembled your kit then the top of the screw for the tensioner should be level with the side of the extruder to start.  As long as your gears are properly aligned with the filament path and with each other this starting position should be fine.  If not, tightening or loosening a little bit should be all that's needed.  When you're tension is too high it can cause the fine teeth in the Bondtech pulley to grind into the filament and shave it rather than propel it.  I've spent enough time with people who think more tension is better to have seen first hand how flawed this concept can be.  It's also a problem I've had to work with on my Prusa Mini, the problem magnifies itself when filament dust clogs the little teeth in the Bondtech.  In my case I was having nozzle clogs in my Mini that would cause the gears to slip and get clogged.  No amount of fiddling with the tension was going to help until I cleared the problem with the nozzle.  Now I have the tension at the starting setting based on the assembly manual and everything works fine.

So, long story short, if you're having feed problems don't just assume that the tension on the Bondtech gears needs adjusting.  They might, but if they're set to the default from assembly they may not either.  Insure you don't have a clog and check the gear alignment and for clogging of the teeth before you start cranking things down.  You might just make things worse.



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