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Stringing - Filament is good  

J.P. Ryll
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Stringing - Filament is good


I really want to fix the stringing-problem with my MINI and it should be possible.
If I try the retraction-test from this site: Teaching Tech 3D Printer Calibration ( my Mini could print without stringing. (So my freshly opend filament (Filamentum-PLA)  is'nt causing the failure.

If I print an stringing test, sliced by my own Prusaslicer the resulte is worse. (I tryed nearly 20 prints in the last 2 days) 
Allways the same filament. Recently I cleaned the heatbreak and renewed the PTFE-Tube in my upgraded Heatbreak. As nozzel I use an BrozzleX-steel-nozzle 0,4mm.

print from prusaslicer Result: bad

So the thing is, the printer could print without stringing if he is pleased. I compared both gcodes but I could'nt name the difference. hopefully someone out there could help me and find/name the difference. 
May there is a problem with the acceleration settings or Jerk????


you could find all my files as attached files.

Thank you very much.


Greetings from Germany!J.P.

Posted : 29/11/2023 9:15 am