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GCode for retraction tower in PrusaSlicer  

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GCode for retraction tower in PrusaSlicer


I'm still learning the ins and outs of my Prusa Mini+, and having a lot of fun with it.

I'm currently printing various test prints so that I can best calibrate my settings, but after printing a temperature tower, I'm struggling to find a good retraction tower for use with PETG filament.

So, here's my question - I know that it's easy enough to add some custom code at certain layer heights, but there's a lot of GCode out there, and I'm really struggling with finding what code to use, and how to actually format it.

I have also done the method of taking some PLA files and changing the temperatures to my preferred PETG settings, but I haven't used them yet, since I figured that 1) it's too late to print right now, 2) they're intended for non-Mini printers (can they print off the bed, even when they'll definitely fit? Or do they automatically centre?), 3) it'd be best to ask first, and 4) even if it turns out to be the better option than writing GCode myself, I might still learn something useful.

So, in short - any advice on what to slap here? If to slap anything at all?

(Using the model Retraction Tower Test SliceForm 1-6 mm)

Posted : 02/03/2023 1:21 am
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I'm so disappointed that literally no one answered this. I am trying to do the same with Prusaslicer as I have not been able to find anything on how to do a retraction tower as this PLA I have is so stringy and I'm trying to adjust and see if it needs to be the retraction distance or maybe the speed that I need to adjust and can't find anything like what you're asking to do a custom gcode commands and what to put. Did you ever figure this out? 

Posted : 19/08/2023 5:41 pm
D.E.E. Rietema
RE: GCode for retraction tower in PrusaSlicer

You can do this very easily and conveniently using Cura.  In this package is software, downloadable through their own marketplace, to add a retraction tower.  It also includes g-code to fill in your own retraction tower.  Also take a look at youtube. There is a detailed tutorial to create the retraction tower in Cura.  It takes only a little time and attention. The printer does the rest.  Good luck

Posted : 12/10/2023 6:23 pm