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eSun TPU Prusa mini woes  

Paddy Davison
eSun TPU Prusa mini woes

I've been battling trying to get some decent results out of my Prusa mini with tpu filament. However, I feel like I am now just floundering and need some advice!

I have been trying to dial in settings following this well regarded video: 

I've been using the Cura plugin to make the likes of retraction and Temperature towers, automatically varying the settings as the print goes on.

However, I don't seem to get anywhere near the progress in quality that he does. He too is using a Bowden extruder. I have checked and the temp does vary through the print for example as it should. So I'm assuming the plugin is set up correctly.

Before people suggest, I have been using a filament dryer before and during each print at 55c.

My current settings are: 220-215c, 60c bed temp, 20mm/s, 7mm retraction.

I also have set the extrusion multiplier to 140%. Which I believe to have made an improvement, which I know is high.

I did notice a notable jump in quality when I adjusted the flow factor in the tuning tab on the printer to 150% when the extrusion multiplier was already at 140%. My understanding is that they are the same thing. This produced a print with fewer gaps and a glossier finish. However, it was less flexible.

I then decided to set the extrusion multiplier to 210%, which is obviously ridiculously high, just to see what happened. Leaving the flow factor at 100%. This resulted in the same kind of print with loads of gaps.

In my attached photos these are the two prints being held. I have also attached photos of the car crash of test prints for reference!

Some help would be very much appreciated on this! As I am currently going insane.


(Extrusion multiplier at 210%, flow factor at 100%)

(Extrusion multiplier at 140%, flow factor at 150%)

Posted : 17/08/2023 12:03 pm
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How does it work with only Prusa firmware and Slicer? I know nothing about the "Cura Plugin" but many third party options cause as many problems as they cure. The Mini is very tightly tweaked and finicky, mess with something and something else goes south. It's not really a great printer to go ahead and mod. Those multipliers are pretty big. I can't believe more than 10-20% would be needed unless something is really wrong.



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Posted : 17/08/2023 8:16 pm