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Filament stuck in extruder while changing  

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Filament stuck in extruder while changing

Twice so far, I've gone to replace filament on my mini and the filament has gotten firmly stuck in the extruder on its way out.  Seems to be an issue as soon as it passes over the gear, which kind of makes sense, but ends up solidly wedged in backend of extruder.


I could try yanking it out immediately i guess, but seems like maybe a better trick to prevent something like this?  maybe increase hotend temp more before retraction?  

Anybody see anything similar?

Bondtech extruder, and E3D v6 mods.


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Posted : 09/07/2022 3:31 am
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RE: Filament stuck in extruder while changing

I find that this tends to happen when the printer is completely cold and I try to do a filament change. I don't think the printer gets enough heat into the hot end before retracting the filament, so the solid blob that comes out of the hot end cools too quickly and is too large to fit through the extruder gears.

I've found the solution is to manually heat the hot end up to printing temp for a minute before doing a filament change - the blob on the end of the filament will be soft enough to go through the extruder without jamming.

Posted : 11/07/2022 7:17 am