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Underextrusion or z-layer issue?  

Underextrusion or z-layer issue?

I've been printing very successful prints over the last few months owning my MK4. I do basic maintenance every now and then (ensure rods are lubricated, dusting inside the extruder, cleaning the nozzle tip) and it's been printing alright until pretty recently. I've tried a few different filaments, including two brand new ones (and others I ran through the filament dryer for a few passes) and they've all been acting like this. I checked the nozzle for clogs by running filament through as well as poking the needle in, and it doesn't seem clogged. The nextruder gears are also clean. Not sure how else to tackle what appears to be underextrusion with the MK4.

Posted : 27/11/2023 11:36 pm