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Printer not recognizing FW update  

Printer not recognizing FW update

I am having troubles trying to update to 5.1.0. I have it on the usb drive provided by prusa, but when I insert it into the printer it doesn't recognize the new firmware update. I have done multiple soft resets of my printer to see if it would recognize the firmware, the printer just goes to the homescreen. I was able to update PrusaSlicer to 2.7 just fine, but having issues with this. Any sugestions is greatly appreciated.

Posted : 28/11/2023 5:42 am
Active Member
RE: Printer not recognizing FW update

Try resetting your printer to factory defaults,  remove all files from the USB (firmware related)  apart from the new version 5.1...   then power down, plug in the usb and power on,,, it should only load the new firmware then.

Posted : 28/11/2023 12:59 pm
Gregg Ward
RE: Printer not recognizing FW update

I had a similar problem and found the cause to be that I was using OSX to download the firmware onto the USB stick. With OSX, as well as saving your firmware file e.g:


there will also be a hidden file of the same name, but starting with "._":


By pressing on the xLCD-knob as the printer was booting, a red error screen appeared stating that the file length of the firmware file was incorrect. It seems the printer was seeing the hidden file with the matching name and trying to load that file, which was only 4KB in size. Once I removed the hidden file with the matching name, on next repower the firmware file was detected and installed without issue.

Posted : 18/12/2023 3:39 am
Eki Honkakoski

Thank you, I had a similar case, reason and resolution.

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Posted : 28/12/2023 8:58 pm