Unable to print nice overhangs with Prusament PLA Oh My Gold (blend)
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Unable to print nice overhangs with Prusament PLA Oh My Gold (blend)  

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Unable to print nice overhangs with Prusament PLA Oh My Gold (blend)

Hello, I am kinda desperate. Ordered spool of Oh my gold PLA because my experience with Prusament is great and I was in search for nice goldish color. Imediatelly tried to print vase model I use for testing/showcase of materials but failed horribly. Print is ugly, wrinkles everywhere, overhangs have distinctive ugly pattern in them. Used several temperature settings (205°C, 215°C, 225°C), tried diferent speeds, extrusion widths etc, nothing helped, result si nearly same every time. I have no such problems with any of my other materials (gembird cheap PLAs works great, prusament galaxy black PLA is wrinkling a little but nothing too serious), overhangs are significantly better (I even tried using same Gcode).

Here are some sample images, gold/blue comparison print is produced by same gcode (set to OMG parameters, other PLA printed just fine):
(notice, there are some boobies in the pictures, maybe it's nsfw for someone even I tried my best to cover them)

If someone with more experience can help me get the settings right so I can print with OMG as with other materials without those ugly wrinkle/overhang issues that would be awesome. If it's not possible at least telling me what are quirks of blend PLA would help me significantly.

Ps: I have non-prusa printer (modified Tarantula), long extruder (ptfe tube to hotend), but I am using Prusament PLA setting in Prusa Slicer as base for OMG material.


Posted : 10/02/2022 2:04 pm

I do not have the printer you have.  I can print this type of print without an issue on my Prusa so this must be your settings.  

Chuck H
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Posted : 20/02/2022 12:26 pm