Heads Up about FEDEX shipments to the US
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Heads Up about FEDEX shipments to the US  

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Heads Up about FEDEX shipments to the US

Interesting--a Prusa FEDEX shipment is late but website says in transit to local office.  LOL.   It's been saying that for 4 days on a 2-3 day priority delivery.  So I call FEDEX 800 number and they tell me all they have is an empty box.  That somewhere between being picked up (1.5 kg when picked up) and Memphis, the box was emptied.  And the only way to proceed is to get the shipper (Prusa) to file a claim.

If I hadn't called, FEDEX would have done nothing other than say on their website that the shipment was in transit.  They apparently have no procedure for notifying shipper or receiver if the package has gone missing or has been tampered with.  That is one poor way to do business.

I am awaiting response from Prusa as to what they will do but apparently someone else has a new satin sheet, some filament and some new nozzles, but it sure isn't me.

Posted : 26/01/2023 5:04 pm