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Seam position issue  

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Seam position issue


I'm dealing with problem to set prefered position of a seam in my model. I would like to force its position in a specific point, but available tools are not working as I would like to (seam paint, ...).

Is there any posibility to add a feature in further release of the PrusaSlicer which would allow to set the prefered position of the seams in layers by the coordinates? In that case, posibility to get coordinates of specific point on the model would be helpful as well.

In the picture I show the required position of the seam ("Here" :-))

Thank you.

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Posted : 29/06/2021 1:38 pm
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RE: Seam position issue

It's hard to visualize what you're suggesting without being able to view it in the slicer. Save your current  3MF project file, zip it up, and attach it to a reply here so we can see your part & settings and give better recommendations.

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Posted : 29/06/2021 2:40 pm