Question regarding object arrangement
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Question regarding object arrangement  

Question regarding object arrangement

Hey there,

The auto-arrange tool is confusing me a bit, some objects seem aligned to a grid, while others are placed seemingly randomly. The rotation seems odd as well, particularly objects with rectangular top layers that have been rotated a few degrees, which I would imagine is less efficient for the printer. Ultimately not a big deal, but I would love to have a better understanding of why the software is making these arrangement choices. I've been manually arranging these in a way that is more pleasing to my human brain, but if there's efficencies I'm not seeing in this pattern I'll gladly let the software do it's thing. I understand this is a topic that'll take longer than a forum post to digest, but if I could get a "yes, the software knows better than you, go read this:" that would be great. Thanks in advance!

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Posted : 26/02/2024 8:40 pm
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No, software will never be smarter than the human brain, even if the globalists try to force it on us with AI. If you need to arrange anything on the printing plate, do it the way you like it. Forget built-in functions, no programmer can know in advance what you actually intend to do with objects at a given moment. For example, to rotate objects against the cooling fan so that some bridging works well, etc. In short, you need to think well at work. Relying on some solution prepared without knowing the specific situation is a road to hell.

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Posted : 26/02/2024 9:19 pm
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I would add to this, software developers, are software developers, and their concerns are not ours as makers. There is definitely a disconnect between what they perceive our needs to be, and our needs.

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Posted : 28/02/2024 3:48 am