Increase nozzle temperature per nozzle?
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Increase nozzle temperature per nozzle?  

Chris Hill
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Increase nozzle temperature per nozzle?

Some nozzles, such as the all steel Nozzle X, require a 5 or 10 degree increase in the nozzle temperature to get the same results as a stock brass nozzle - PETG tends to print with a dull finish if the nozzle isn't hot enough, and layer adhesion can suffer too.

It's easy enough to add a few degrees to the filament settings, but this means that I have to remember to make the increase whenever I load up a 'Generic' filament profile, or I have to keep a separate set of, say, 'Generic Nozzle X' filaments.

Is there a way, e.g. with Custom G-code, to define a printer that has a Nozzle X fitted and have it automatically increase any temperature instructions by a specified offset?

Posted : 27/02/2024 8:39 am