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QR Code First Layer Trouble  

QR Code First Layer Trouble


I am trying to slice a QR code in Prusa Slicer and I am having a ton of trouble getting a proper first layer. When I have used a Youtube link, the slice was perfectly fine and worked exactly how I intended. However, once I switched to Spotify, Prusa Slicer is unable (or more likely I am unable) to have a consistent first layer. No matter how hard I try or how large I make the QR code 3D model much of the data is left out of the first layer and instead moved to the second layer. I'll say that only 20% of the QR code is sliced for the first layer. I have tried making it much larger, taking up my entire build plate, yet it still does the same thing. How do I get the data on the first layer?

This is my first time consulting the forum so if I need to add more information please let me know, thanks!

Posted : 02/08/2023 8:23 pm
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RE: QR Code First Layer Trouble

Hi Chris, 
Please save your prusa slicer session, as a project file, then zip compress the project file, and add the compressed file to your next post. 

Regards Joan

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Posted : 02/08/2023 8:27 pm