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Next Coordinates Placeholders  

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Next Coordinates Placeholders

Hi all,
in Simplify3D I found very useful using the following command as last instructions in the Start Gcode Script:
G1 X[next_position_x] Y[next_position_y] Z{EVAL "[next_position_z]+3"}

This command permit to first reach the print start position, and then to lower the nozzle (or raise the bed) to start the print. This behaviour allow a safer nozzle travel from the purge/clean position to the print position, achieving also other benefits during tool change operations.

In Prusa Slicer one can use a similar instructions, for example:
G1 X[first_layer_print_min_0] Y[first_layer_print_min_1] Z{first_layer_height + 2.0}

Anyway these coordinates are about the rectangular print area that cointain the objects, so using that command will lead to leave a spot of polymer just outside the real print.

Do you have any solutions?

The need for these missing placeholders has been pointed out also here:

Posted : 06/10/2021 6:59 am