Mouse-watch error in PrusaSlicer
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Mouse-watch error in PrusaSlicer  

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Mouse-watch error in PrusaSlicer

After I've done the slice, I see the sliced result.  Fine.  Ahd on the top let, the magic decoder ring for the colors.  Cool.  But if I have a window for another app up, and that window overlaps the magic decoder right, the elements are selected when I have focus on the covering window.  For example, in the attached screenshot, you see that the cursor is below the [a]-for=Amazon icon, and this window has the focus.  But note the "internal infill" line is highlighted, which is because tht is where I have put the cursor.  So the window is watching the absolute cursor position on the screen, whether PrusaSlicer has the focus or not.

I am running MacOS Mojave (10.14.6).

Posted : 24/06/2022 5:55 am
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RE: Mouse-watch error in PrusaSlicer

If you want to report a bug you need to do it at the proper place.  That is   for Prusa Slicer related issues. 

Posted : 24/06/2022 6:34 am
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RE: Mouse-watch error in PrusaSlicer

I am running MacOS Mojave (10.14.6).

I'm unable to replicate this under Monterey (12.4).

Posted : 24/06/2022 10:37 am