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Garbled Infill  

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Garbled Infill

I am not sure what changed, but I have terrible infill on my prints.  The edges, first layer and top layers seem to be fine, but infill gets stringy and ends up with gaps.  The attached picture is at 30% infill.  I reduced that to 20% and still getting issues.  Not as much infill, so not as bad, but not what I am looking for.

Attached is a text file of my settings and a few pictures of a print I stopped part way through.


PrusaSlicer_config_bundle .  

Posted : 24/08/2021 4:51 pm
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More helpful would be if you saved the project from Prusaslicer as a .3mf file, then zip it (IMPORTANT), and upload it to this thread. This way we'll have the model plus all your settings. Easy to load and test, better than a config bundle.

Posted : 25/08/2021 7:54 pm