Infill for specific part of the print
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Infill for specific part of the print  

Michel Streurman
Infill for specific part of the print

So what I am trying to print is some Lego compatible building bricks without having any kind of support as that seems to mess up the whole fit, as Lego compatible blocks have very tight tolerances. I've come quite close, but the biggest problem I am currently facing is the type of infill that is used where the "open bottom part" with the open spaces and the small supports is, goes over into the "top solid part" which is, of course, one big overhang... and for some reason PrusaSlicer 2.7.1 always wants to make that "connecting layer" a concentric ring infill, which doesn't really properly connect to the outer part and will drop ever so slightly down into the cavity and mess up the parts. The very first layer after that is the more sturdy and probably proper diagonal infill which would probably just do it's thing and stay up as long as it is connected to the sides... I've tried many settings, but up to now have not been able to properly change this "overhang" infill to the diagonal one. 

Any tips or tricks on how to fix this?

Posted : 03/01/2024 8:04 pm
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RE: Infill for specific part of the print

We would need to see your prusa slicer project file to give any certain reply.  Set up to slice like you have pictured and then use File>Save Project As in Prusa Slicer.  That will save a .3mf file.  A PS 3mf file will contain the parts and well as a copy of all 3 profiles you are using as well as any modifiers, placement etc.  It is basically a snapshot of your slice and will allow others to see exactly what setting you are using as well as slice the same way and look at the various previews etc .

To attach the file here though you will have to ZIP it up.  The forum only allows a very few file types.  If you don't zip it then it just wont attach it.  No warnings, it just wont be there when you click Add reply.  So double check after posting, as the edit time is also very short.

Posted : 04/01/2024 7:56 am
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RE: Infill for specific part of the print

You may try to change to rectilinear infill and then in options change angle to 45.

Ensure to have expert mode enabled.

See my GitHub and for some 3d stuff that you may like.

Posted : 04/01/2024 8:21 am