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Add Perimeters to One Side  

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Add Perimeters to One Side

How can i add perimeters to only one side or one area of an object to, in this case, increase the wear characteristics. the below objects will have a pipe resting in the half-moons (blue marking) and i want to add extra material to just that area to improve the wear resistance. is that possible?

Posted : 08/09/2022 9:06 pm
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RE: Add Perimeters to One Side

Use modifiers and set the perimeters higher.  Beware that it wont work as you expect as the modifier in effect splits them into separate volumes so you will get  more perimeters than you expect.

If you cant figure it out Save your project (File>Save Project As) to get a 3mf file.  Then ZIP that file up and attach it here.  Must be zipped for the forum to accept it.  Someone can then modify it as an example and post an updated one back.

Posted : 08/09/2022 9:16 pm
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RE: Add Perimeters to One Side



If you apply modifiers correctly you will get the result your looking for, the first image shows two different results. One is done with a modifier using 100% infill, the other is done with a well placed ring shaped modifier and extra perimeters. In either case the outward appearance should look the same, shown in the second image. both ways are fairly easy to apply, but the solid infill is the fastest, and I think will give you the result your looking for.


Posted : 09/09/2022 1:33 am
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Topic starter answered:

i've been messing with this for a bit. can't i load a modifier that i drew? so that i can match it up to get the exact results? i've attached the part and a modifier that i drew for it. however, when i select "load modifier", nothing happens. i'm running prusaslicer 2.5.

edit: i can't get it to attach, so here's a link where you can edit and reupload the files:!AtIM2s0s4SGq5bAEJGXCzjTQDodwFQ?e=9vw4my

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Posted : 09/09/2022 1:29 pm
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edit: i can't get it to attach, ...........

Did you zip it? Forum accept only zipped file(s)

Prusa i3 MK3S+ FW 3.11.0 (kit dec -20), PrusaSlicer 2.5.0+win64, Fusion 360, Windows 10

Posted : 09/09/2022 5:50 pm