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SLA test print with cast resin  

Yuri A.
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SLA test print with cast resin

I'm considering to buy the SL1S for printing with cast resin "BlueCast X-One".

But I would like to print a test model somewhere beforehand. Can you tell me where I can do it?


Posted : 17/01/2023 9:05 pm
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I have been trying to use this resin since Prusa started selling it on their site. I haven't had much luck yet finding the right exposure time even with there presets. but I'm also only about a year into printing & what I've been trying to print with it is even tricky so my orientation might be off too... so many variables. its not your typical jewelry but more small pendants of creatures. If all else fails for you I can most certainly print ya something if you want. The more practice the better! i will say that the prints i have had come out with it look great and the curing process is very easy especially with the CW1S resin preheat ability to dry your prints. Its for sure is alot less waxy then the bluecast X10 (very hard to find exposure times. and gave up for the x-one when introduced) which makes it much easier to print with the speed of the SL1S. Anyways hope this helped! ialso just posted about exposure times so hope smeone out there can help!

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Posted : 08/02/2023 5:37 pm
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