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Micro channel printing elefant foot issue  

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Micro channel printing elefant foot issue

for a project i need a very small channel to print. But i can´t get it to work properly.

I want a channel which is like 1 pixel wide. So i unzipped the printing file and modified the pictures. I have 2 rectangles with exactly 1 pixel in between. And i also made a test with 10 pixels in between.
When i print it, the channel is not free of resin.

I am only printing a few layers. The picture is 0,5mm high wallst with a 10 px gap. I printed it with the preset for prusa orange tough 0,025mm layer thickness.
Because I only print between 1 and 20 layers I keep the expopsure time constant. So same value for first layer exposure time and layer exposure time.
When i go down with the exposure time to 5 seconds, the channel is cleared. But of course the adhesion to the buildplate is not great.

Any ideas why I get this big elefant foot?

Thanks for the help.

Posted : 08/02/2023 1:47 pm