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Mixing Resins  

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Mixing Resins

Hello I am wondering if it is possible to mix various resins together.

In particular to make printed parts less brittle / more flexible i was wondering if it possible to mix the Prusa resins (orange/azure/ grey Tough resin from the starter pack) with the Monocure Flex100 resin.

And if yes do you have a valid percentage? to get a still hard but a little fexible part? 

Thank you for your opinion.

Posted : 18/10/2019 11:00 am
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RE: Mixing Resins

I asked Monocure3D this question:

Can I use Flex100 with non Monocure resins? Are there resins/brands that are known to be incompatible?

The answer was:

Quote of Monocure3D:

Yes, you can use it with lots of different resins but we can only guarantee the results with Monocure resin.

Posted : 18/10/2019 12:22 pm
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RE: Mixing Resins

Ok here some news.

I tryed to mix the Prusa Orange Tough and Monocure Flex100 resin in the proportion of about 15% Flex100 and 85% Prusa orange.

The print (a functional piece for a door stopper) came out very well.

With this mixing percentage just after you finish wash and cure (i am using Prusa CW1, with standard times) the peice is quite bendy. 

But after about 1 hour it gets hader and keps that little more bendability that is fine for the use i need. Perhaps next time i will try a little bit more Flex 100 like about 20%.

I am happy if someone writes more mixing experiences they had.


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Posted : 20/10/2019 10:20 am
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RE: Mixing Resins

This is an interesting idea! I’m curious to see others’ results as well. Only just built my SL1 last week and ran my first few prints yesterday and can already see I have a lot to learn with this style of printing

Posted : 20/10/2019 5:26 pm
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RE: Mixing Resins

What exposure times did you use for the mix?

Posted : 23/11/2019 7:22 pm
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RE: Mixing Resins

I tested this with Monocure Flex 100 mixed (10%) into the Standard Orange from Prusa (90%). 

Curing times test in 2.5s segments starting from 7.5 (standard) to 15.0 (back to same quality). 
On the short time it didn't really cure well and the hexagon pattern broke down and the vertical lines were complete out of position. 

At 15s it looks about the same as the reference model, which was the original (and first) ever print on my SL1. 

I guess even long time could be relevant, but I have enough little Prusa's now 🙂


Posted : 23/12/2019 12:12 am