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Siraya Tech Blu Profile  

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Siraya Tech Blu Profile

I've checked around and cant find a recommended exposure time for Siraya Blu resin. It looks like there are a few people printing with it but no one has posted any info on their findings.

Also does community maintained resin info exist? Beyond the list in Prusa Slicer there are allot of FTD resins I'd like to try as well but there only seems to be one FTD profile in PS.

Any info or direction would be appreciated.



Posted : 20/10/2019 3:23 pm
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RE: Siraya Tech Blu Profile

would like to see a list too with all resins tested with which settings on the sl1. If so please pm me the link or file 🙂

Posted : 20/10/2019 6:04 pm
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RE: Siraya Tech Blu Profile

I too am interested in this.  Would love to see a list of resins and exposures others have used

Posted : 02/11/2019 1:53 am
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RE: Siraya Tech Blu Profile

Blu is a rather frustrating material to print with, as it is a little too transparent to UV and so will partially cure on overhangs and in some cases laterally around a part. It also prints differently at different temperatures. 

To get it to print the way you want then is a balancing act between making details show up vs. keeping globs from forming on overhangs. The Prusa factory test sample settings work, but some of the finer details don't fully form. 8.5s a layer is better in my experience, but again going higher or lower depending on temp and part thickness may be a win for you. 

Posted : 12/11/2019 7:27 pm