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MK3.5 Upgrade kit do NOT support REVO FastChange  

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MK3.5 Upgrade kit do NOT support REVO FastChange


I spoke with PRUSA support just before ordering the kit because I had a doubt, and I discovered that if you have upgraded your MK3S+ to REVO RapidChange, this is not supported in any firmware of the Buddy board of the kit, and you need to roll back to the E3DV6 if you want to use the MK3.5 kit. 😫 

On the contrary, the MMU2/MMU3 is supported, and it will work.

There are no info about known plans to implement the REVO on the MK4 fw, since currently on the MK4 the buddy FW supports only the Nextruder.

So I did not order it, since I would loose the REVO RapidChange.

Keep in mind this if you are planning to upgrade.


Posted : 10/02/2024 10:22 am
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RE: MK3.5 Upgrade kit do NOT support REVO FastChange


Looks like they will...

E3D REVO hotend

As of now, there might be issues with running the REVO hotend produced by the company E3D on the MK3.5. While testing this configuration, we discovered that due to the strict checks built into the firmware, the initial self-test will fail.

It is possible to start the print, however, we recommend waiting for the upcoming release, which will extend the support for 3rd party hotends.

Posted : 12/02/2024 9:06 pm
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RE: MK3.5 Upgrade kit do NOT support REVO FastChange

I did order and install the upgrade before I even read about the supposed incompatibility with the E3D Revo hotends.

As I had already finished the build I tried my luck anyway  and what should I say? It works perfectly! 😍 😍  At least in my case! Failed self-check? No. Problems when printing? No.

The only thing I noticed is that the default PA-values chosen by Prusa in the filament settings (e.g. 0.038 for Prusa/Prusament [email protected] nozzle) do not work too well with this setup. This _might_ or _might not_ be owed to the Revo hotend. But after doing a calibration (came out to ~0.02 for [email protected] nozzle) everything is fine 😆

Posted : 14/02/2024 12:14 pm
RE: MK3.5 Upgrade kit do NOT support REVO FastChange

Same. I ordered the kit before the reading the full page. Installed it and I did have the self check issue but you can easily just dismiss it. I have not noticed an issue with printing but I have not had enough time on the machine yet to see if any flaws show up aside from the same ones that seem to plague the MK3.9s and MK4s. 

Posted : 15/02/2024 3:26 pm
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RE: MK3.5 Upgrade kit do NOT support REVO FastChange

I have just ordered from E3D also the 60W version of the REVO heather, so that with the MK3.5 kit the higher flow of the 60W version will help the fast speed.

But then a big doubt came to me:

Will be the MK3S black power supply be enough for the Buddy board, MMU3, and a 60W nozzle ? 🙄 

Posted : 23/02/2024 11:43 pm
RE: MK3.5 Upgrade kit do NOT support REVO FastChange

just done the upgrade to MK3.5

passed all calibration tests with the firmware that was on the USB stick, 

i then downloaded the firmware for the Revo hotend, 

flashed that on, and did another calibration, everything passed too, 
went into the menu's on the printer and there's an option to select the hot end you have, and Revo is there,  selected that, and that was it, 

been printing just as my printer has always been doing... i.e. perfectly, just it's a bit faster now. 

Posted : 11/04/2024 5:52 pm
RE: MK3.5 Upgrade kit do NOT support REVO FastChange

I also just completed the upgrade with a pre-installed Revo in my MK3s+.

Although it failed the nozzle heater test with the latest firmware during the initial setup, it then asked if I would like to change the hotend configuration.  The default was "stock," but I had the option to select E3D Rivo. Once I selected that option, the initial calibration ran flawlessly.

No issues so far!

Posted : 14/04/2024 3:41 pm