MMU3 always asking to remove filament at beginning
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MMU3 always asking to remove filament at beginning  

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MMU3 always asking to remove filament at beginning


I just upgraded to MK3S+ and MMU3.

Every time I start a new print, the printer ask me to remove the old filament, but there are none... I have to click the knob, select a filament (why ?I don't know), and then the print will continue and select the right filament...

I checked the sensors information, and the sensors are working correctly (Finda sensor = 0 before print, etc.)

I removed every settings from prusaslicer and recreate everything from scratch, I reinstalled a brand new octoprint (and also it is happening if I print from the SDCARD, without octoprint). But still the same behavior... 

Once the print has started after this manual step, everything is working fine.


What do you think is messing ?

Thank you for your help !

Posted : 09/10/2023 2:15 pm
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RE: MMU3 always asking to remove filament at beginning

I would suggest contact customer service and they will help you.

Posted : 13/10/2023 3:52 pm
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If your MK3S+ is not an upgraded MK3S then please ignore this comment.

If your MK3S+ is an upgraded MK3S then a fix is coming in 3.13.2 (It's already available with RC1 in case you want to try it

We found that for MK3S printers who had PINDA temperature calibration, there was a very short extrusion in G80 in the firmware itself. No filament is loaded at this point and so it would trigger a false FINDA runout (M600). This has been an issue for years but for some reason was happening much more frequently/consistently with 3.13 which helped a lot to find the fix.


Posted : 19/10/2023 9:50 pm
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RE: MMU3 always asking to remove filament at beginning

If you still have your old sensor, disconnect the SUPER Pinda and plug in the old Pinda temporarily. Navigate to settings and turn off Pinda Calibration. Reconnect the SUPER Pinda and the error should go away. To be safe, make sure to turn off the printer prior to any connects or disconnects.

Posted : 25/10/2023 4:34 am