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Strange noise from MMU2s  

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Strange noise from MMU2s

Dear all, 

I have this issue when I switch ON my prusa i3 Mk3s + MMU2S unit. 

Already tried: 

- Checked assembly guide if I miss something

- Checked all cables

- Checked if any filament is blocked somewhere

- Resetted MMU2 board

Any idea ?

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Posted : 27/05/2019 11:19 am
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RE: Strange noise from MMU2s

I have similar noise , but a little stronger.


Posted : 05/02/2021 1:40 pm
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RE: Strange noise from MMU2s

That's just the normal homing of the idler. 

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Posted : 05/02/2021 2:05 pm
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RE: Strange noise from MMU2s

Although the original post is almost 2 years old; When I turned on my MMU2S for the first time, I also thought for a moment that something was wrong. But indeed it's the homing of the idler.

Posted : 03/03/2021 7:23 am