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Filament Cutter doing everything it can to thwart me  

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Filament Cutter doing everything it can to thwart me

I'm giving the MMU another chance to do anything.  I've done a lot of changes over the years, the latest being the installation of MiNisHell's Enhanced MMU2S Selector.  I'm finding that I am getting about 100 changes without much problem.  I'll gladly accept the time it takes for the three attempts to load and a cut, so those don't count as errors.  I did a 9 hour print, and after 24 hours the printer was failing more and more frequently.  I was using compressed air to blow out the extruder chamber and the tray of cut ends.  I kept taking the Bowden tub off and blowing it out in case there were some hair/threads in there, and making sure there were no thread balls in the Pinda Sensor.  Eventually, I opened up the roller cage, and there were two filament tips that had managed to get in there!  They managed to cause enough variation in clamp tightness to cause failed loads.  But even after removing them, the frequency of failed loads increased.
I'm trying to figure out what my next step is.
  No dust or strings in any sensor areas (Every hour, inspect and compress air/tweezer any debris in selector unit and extruder)
  No strings in the Bowden tube or selector (Remove bowden tube, compressed air to blow out any debris on a filament load/unload failure)
  No filament tips inside the pulley chamber (I guess I'll have to tape/glue some cloth on there to keep tips from flying in there.)
I'm stumped at this point.  Any ideas what would cause load/unload failures to occur more frequently the longer a print goes, assuming it's not debris?  A few years ago this MMU managed a 500+ change print.  I'm now to the point where I want to trust it to handle more than 50.
I'm on the notice list for when the MMU3 upgrade kit is available.  I'll be ordering one the second that announcement gets to me.

Posted : 03/05/2023 8:24 pm