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Correct filament idler tension  

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Correct filament idler tension

What is the best way to set the correct tension for the filament idler?

I have been having occasional jamming issues that I think are related to that.

I found several sources that say to tighten it down pretty hard for harder plastics like pla and abs. But that was also applying to different printers.

So I wanted to see what the mk2s community has to say on the matter.

Posted : 31/05/2017 10:00 pm
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Re: Correct filament idler tension

Not to tight or to loose, you want it to leave small lines on the side where the hob gear grabs it but not press in so deep that it creates a curling effect on the filament.

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Posted : 01/06/2017 12:23 am
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Re: Correct filament idler tension

I would start with the default measurements as per the online manual and back it off a couple of turns till you get the right amount of tension as per phli's recommendation.

Just keep in mind every filament has its own tolerances you really dont want too loose of a setup that it will skip and not to tight that will bend the filament.

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Posted : 03/06/2017 1:04 am