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[Closed] First Layer Issue  

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First Layer Issue

Hi all!!

A since a few days, i'm randomly having an issue with my first layer, as you can see from the attatched image. So the problem is like, it's all going well, and all of the sudden, no more fillament is being extruded. I think that might be the filament itself, because i've already used a few amount of prusament and i've never had this issue. Now i'm trying this one and is this one that's giving me troubles. I'm justa trying to understand whats happening or whats worng with this filament, i'm using 60º for the bed, and 225º for the extruder.


Posted : 14/07/2020 8:12 am
Peter M
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RE: First Layer Issue

Let us see a picture closer, and let print on the sheet and with a line around model.

Most mistakes, not clean bed- use dish soap to clean.

First layer not low enough, see youtube for movie examples.


Posted : 20/07/2020 7:27 pm
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RE: First Layer Issue


Hi thanks for your reply,

When it happens again i'll post what you requested, i think it's awkward only because this issue never happend with the prusament, it only started to happen when i started to use this fillament, and it's a random thing like it doesn't happen every time i print something, that's why i can't understand whats going on

Posted : 22/07/2020 9:09 am