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Yet another spherical issue ... almost spherical  

Yet another spherical issue ... almost spherical

Hi people,

I'm trying to print an "almost" sphere with the bottom part flattened for stability, as you can see in the attached image from the Slicer. But the bottom layer doesn’t look good, no matter what I try (also attached). It’s not a problem with the printer itself because I’ve just done a big maintenance check-up, including lubricating, checking the belts, and even changing the nozzle. I’ve recalibrated everything too.

I'm using Prusament PETG Orange and started with the default settings for a 0.4mm nozzle, then switched to a 0.6mm nozzle, but the results, well see below.

Can anyone suggest what settings I should use for the 0.6mm nozzle? I am waiting for the next (8th?) print, where I slowed down the print speed for perimeters and reduced the max volumetric speed from 15 to 11.5.

Just so you know, I’m trying to print it as one piece on purpose. I know printing two halves and joining them will work better, but that’s not what I’m aiming for. The bottom should be stable enough as it is.


Posted : 01/04/2024 7:43 pm
Chris Hill
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You could try thinner layers.  I read a good explanation on here, that thinner layers lead to less overhang per layer, so the distortion in those early layers at the bottom of the sphere should be less.

That said, I opted to model my pétanque jack in two halves that screw together, just to ensure nice clean prints.

Posted : 01/04/2024 8:26 pm
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RE: Yet another spherical issue ... almost spherical

I agree with @Chris Hill. 
On a sphere the overhang/angle on the first layers is much to high. You cannot print in thin air. So cutting in two halves is the best option. 
For functionality (to not split in halves) consider designing as a top down "knotted" cone. (with an angle about 45-50 degrees. 

Posted : 01/04/2024 9:08 pm