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Working on a (late) Christmas Present for my Goalies  

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Working on a (late) Christmas Present for my Goalies

I've done a lot of printing this Christmas season and I'm finally getting around to working on a project for the goalies on the teams I coach. I'm making 6 sets of these; The problem I am having is that using my current settings each print is taking around twenty-two and a half hours. Printing 12 of these is going to take me about 12 days. I've never really worked with TPU material before, so nothing like diving in head first.

Let me start by saying with my current profile the results are beautiful so far. I'm using PolyFlex TPU95. and have printed several test versions at about a 2 inch height, experimenting with infill and number of parameters.  The combination of these settings, and my use of the PrintDry system are creating extremely professional results. I can't say how happy I have been with the tests so far.

My question to the forum, as a TPU newbie is there anything I can do to cut the print time down? 

Mini+MK3S+XL 5 Tool

Posted : 26/12/2023 4:46 pm