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Print quality issue on slanted side walls  

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Print quality issue on slanted side walls

Hello all,

I have been printing the same conical piece on my MK3S+ and Mini+.

Same file, same PrusaSlicer settings, PETG, 0,4mm nozzle, all very standard.

As you can see in the picture the pieces come out quite differently so the issue is probably with the MK3S+. Whereas the Mini+ produces a nearly smooth side wall, the MK3S+ has these minute little shifts between layers. I’m using brand new, clean nozzles on both machines, all belts appear to be correctly tensioned, no loose screws, no obvious sounds or vibrations. I have run out of ideas at this moment and I was hoping the MK3S+, my latest addition, would be able to take over from the Mini+ that I need for other jobs, so this puts me in a bit of a pickle…

Do you have any suggestions or experience with this issue? Is this just a limit of the larger MK3S+ that just cannot print as precisely as the Mini+?


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Posted : 26/01/2022 7:44 am
RE: Print quality issue on slanted side walls

the Mk3 should be as good, or better than the Mini.

Are you using the same retraction length on both printers?

Mini retraction length is too long for a mk3.

you say you are using the same Gcode, One item looks larger diameter than the other... 

regards Joan

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Posted : 26/01/2022 8:35 am
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RE: Print quality issue on slanted side walls

Hello Joan,

Thanks for the quick reply!

Indeed, the two parts are different in size. They are meant to be stacked with a part in between them. So in the pictures you see a smaller and larger part made by each printer.

On the Mini+ the retraction length is the standard setting of 3.2mm, on the MK3S+ it’s the standard 0.8mm.

So maybe to correct myself a bit from before: I open the same .stl files, not GCode, and I let PrusaSlicer slice them with the default setting for either the MK3S+ or the Mini+



Posted : 26/01/2022 9:17 am