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PLA Globbing and Burning  

Neal Parr
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PLA Globbing and Burning

 I've been messing around with this for a couple of weeks. Before I started tweaking settings, I would get tons of these burned gobs through out a print. 

I thought that the nozzle was correctly adjusted but I'm starting to Now think it wasn't? Any thoughts?

Posted : 07/02/2023 2:44 am
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Please show us your hotend/nozzle assembly from two different angles.


Posted : 07/02/2023 8:26 am
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RE: PLA Globbing and Burning

What Diem said, probably a leaking hot end. Also you should un-tweak what you have tweaked and start over with the default settings…

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Posted : 07/02/2023 2:46 pm