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PETG sringing? Before all, just do this 🙂  

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PETG sringing? Before all, just do this 🙂

Issues with PETG stringing? It printed great a couple of days/weeks ago when you opened the sealed bag? And now it is stringing?

Don't loose you time tweaking the PrusaSlicer parameters, especially if you are printing Prusa filament using stock parameters in Prusaslicer. Odds are your filament has taken up humidity...

Put your spools in the kitchen oven at 70-80° C  for 4-5 hours, and voilà, you're good to go 😀 !

I have my printer since one month, May 2020, wich was especially dry here in Belgium. So I had not issues at all leaving my filament on the printer. Now we had some stormy days recently and overall humidity increased a lot...

Things that printed ok started to show stringing.... I directly suspected changed in humidity 😎

Didn't check PLA yet...

Posted : 14/06/2020 3:12 pm