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I screwed up my Z calibration and I've been trying for a couple hours to fix it but no matter what I try I can't get it right now. This is the closet print I've gotten to a successful one. What should I do

Posted : 14/05/2023 10:35 pm
Walter Layher
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RE: Help

Check that your Z-probe (PINDA or SUPERPINDA) ist at the correct height from the print bed. Prusa recommends using the smooth part of a zip tie as a gauge for this, I think. Best read this article for this. Then do a 1st layer calibration for your print sheet until the square at the end of the print is tight and even. Judging from your image the live z adjust must be a lot lower (bigger negative value) than this.

Posted : 14/05/2023 11:22 pm
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RE: Help

Do first layer calabration from menu on printer then share pictures that 

Please help me out by downloading a model it's free and easy but really helps me out

Posted : 15/05/2023 3:24 am
Ray of Hope
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RE: Help

I found this article to be very helpful wrt this problem.

I use the provided mk3_3x3_25mm_square_bed_level_test.stl and do live z adjust 9 times.  Write down the offset as you go.  You can usually get the first layer set correctly on one pass (ok, sometimes 2 passes).

Posted : 26/05/2023 10:47 pm